Zack Murry

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Zack Murry

B.S. student in Computer Science and Mathematics

University of Missouri


Hi! I'm Zack, a first-year undergraduate student in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Missouri. I work as a student research assistant in the Virtualization, Multimedia, and Networking (VIMAN) lab, where I study drone networks and edge computing. I also enjoy front- and back-end web development, creating compilers, and working with robots!


My work in the VIMAN lab is mostly on designing and executing experiments on the NSF-funded Aerial Experimentation and Research Platform for Advanced Wireless (AERPAW) testbed, which facilitates experiments with autonomous drones and 5G networks. Specifically, I study computational offloading and control networking for video transmission applications, as well as truck-drone package delivery systems.

Drone navigation screenshot.Google Coral environmental system connected to a Raspberry Pi.A figure I made for a paper.

Additionally, I have recently started a project in edge computing by using the Internet Equity Initiative's FLOTO infrastructure for managing experiments in contexts outside of broadband speed/reliability. We are prototyping the use of Google Coral environmental sensors to collect data about the air quality, weather, and more in a distributed manner using Raspberry Pis.

Web Development

I started making websites in my freshman year of high school, which was at the start of the pandemic. By following a few free, online courses, I taught myself the basics of the Java Spring framework and React. Since then, I have continued learning through creating projects. A few highlights are listed below, with more projects (both web and non-web) and information on the Projects page.

Screenshot from chess project.

ChesSRS is an interactive chess learning website that uses a flashcard-like spaced-repetition system (SRS) for practicing opening moves.

Docs Hotkey Chrome Webstore Page.

Docs Hotkey is a Chrome extension for Google Docs that allows the creation of complex shortcuts. It has over 2,500 weekly users and a 4.9-star rating.

Screenshot from scorekeeping project.

Sigma Scoring is a web app that allows for visual scorekeeping for the 2022-2023 FIRST Technology Challenge (FTC) game. I was a programmer for my high school's FTC robotics team for two years, and I currently volunteer at local tournaments to help score matches.